You can download this Confidentiality Policy HERE.

  1. General Provisions

The Terms and Conditions for the website (herein after referred to as the “Terms and Conditions” or “T&C”), lay down the conditions under which anyone may access, and/or may visit the website (herein after referred to as the “Website”, and/or “3ECEES”) and shall be considered to be an agreement concluded by and between 360 Revolution S.R.L., (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”, “360 Revolution” or the “Company”), having its registered office in the Municipality of Ploiesti at Sos. Vestului, nr. 1A, West Mall Ploiesti, Etaj 3 (E3 – E10B), Jud. Prahova and mailing address at Aleea Teisani, nr. 141 – 145, Sector 1 Bucharest, registered with the Trade Registry under no. J29/1157/2007, Tax Registration Code no. RO21678244, as owner and administrator of the Website, an online platform describing the project, and anyone visiting or accessing the Website.

Any reference to “Terms and Conditions” may be made by using the terms of “Contract”, “T&C”, and/or “Terms and Conditions”. The contract shall become effective upon accessing the Website. If you continue to use this Website, you confirm your consent as User and/or Attendant, to these Terms and Conditions.

The Website is owned by UTCB and managed by 360 Revolution S.R.L. (herein after referred to as the “Organizer” or the “Company”), used by users for information purposes in connection with the event “3rd European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology”, in order to attend such event.

This Website may be used free of charge. The Company charges no payment whatsoever for accessing the Website or its content.

If you continue to access and use the services provided by this Website, the attendant hereby agrees to have their personal data processed, in accordance with the Confidentiality Policy.

  1. Services provided
    • The Website is aimed at providing information concerning the “3rd European Conference on Earthquake Engineering & Seismology”, 2022.
    • The Organizer uses its own registration fee payment system, without any intermediaries. For more details in that regard, please see section 5 of these T&C.
  1. About the Registration Fee
    • Registration to the event is nominative. It is not allowed to attend the event by using a registration made under a different name. In special circumstances the Organizer may allow changes in attendants’ names (such as medical issues, changes in place of work, ASO). If you are in any of these situations or similar, please email to
    • Attendants are not entitled to reuse the registration fee for any other persons, or to alienate it in any way, in order to acquire any material or financial gains whatsoever. The Organizer of the event reserves the right not to accept anyone coming at the venue holding tickets purchased from third parties, and/or may remove anyone holding such tickets and who managed to enter the venue where the event takes place.
    • The registration fee shall be paid in four periods of time, decided directly by the Organizer, in increasing amounts as the date of the event approaches. Loss of e-mail, or payment of registration fee outside the intended purchasing period, are beyond the Organizer’s control and, therefore, we take no responsibility for them.
    • Payment confirmation for the registration fee shall be received by the attendant online, at the e-mail address provided upon filling in the registration form.
    • The Organizer has the right to add new fee categories and change the existing ones. If such changes occur, they will be displayed on the site. Changes can refer to prices and/or services comprised in the category. Fees acquired prior to the changes will cover the same services specified at the time of the purchase.
  1. Student Registration
    • Registration fees on the Website are also adjusted for the “Students” category. The attendants falling in the “Students” category shall benefit from a special fee.
    • Students who wish to pay the registration fee, and benefit from the above-mentioned fee, have to provide a justifying document, attesting that they are enrolled in a higher education program (Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, doctoral studies). Proof shall consist of any document attesting to the attendant’s status as bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or doctoral student.
    • Students enrolled in bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or doctoral studies are only eligible for the discount on registration fees if they are between 18 and 30 years of age, and only if they pay for the registration fees themselves, and not by an association, company, institute, or others similar.
    • The instrument/document attesting to the status as bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctoral students may be requested by the Organizer at any stage preceding the event, both during registration, and upon entering the event venue.
  1. Payment and Billing
    • For payment of the registration fee, the Company only accepts payment by full wire transfer.
    • By entering into this transaction, attendants agree that their personal data, such as surname, name, bank, and other similar data, used for a regular bank transfer, be used by the Organizer and its partners. You may find more details in connection with the Confidentiality Policy and GDPR in the dedicated section of our Website.
    • If the event is cancelled, the Organizer undertakes to refund the full value of the registration fee, only provided that the attendant complies with the Fee Refund Policy, and that they request so.
  1. Registration Fee Refund Policy
    • If the conference is postponed, then the registration fee paid for the participant to attend the event during the original period shall continue to be valid for the new period.
    • If the on-site conference is cancelled, then attendants may request either refund of the value, or to attend the conference online, on the dedicated platform.
    • Any fees charged for wire transfer shall be borne by the attendant, not by the organizer, both upon payment of the registration fee, and upon potential refund thereof.
    • The Registration Fee Refund Policy shall be complied with both by the attendants having paid for the registration fee online, by wire transfer, and by those who have paid for the registration fee on the day of the event, upon entering the venue.
    • In order to benefit from full refund of their payment, customers shall follow these steps:
      1. The attendant shall send a direct request to the Organizer, to the email address, within maximum two months after the event was cancelled.
      2. The attendant shall provide proof of payment performed by wire transfer to the Organizer.
    • In extraordinary cases, such as Force Majeure, death, and others similar, attendants may request the refund of registration fees paid, or to attend the conference online.
  1. Disclaimer
    • Having regard to the current epidemic context, the Organizer will fully comply with the legal provisions implemented in the territory of Romania. Therefore, the Organizer shall not be held responsible for any legal provision imposed in Romania, hereby the participant bear all risks in connection with their travel to Romania, as a result of the epidemic situation.
    • The Organizer shall not be held responsible for any legal provision imposed in the participant’s origin country, hereby the participant bear all risks in connection with leaving their country, as a result of the epidemic situation.
    • The Organizer shall not be held responsible of the situation in which, in the territory of Romania, the participant can no longer take part in the conference or is placed in Quarantine or Isolation, following a positive result of a RT –PCR test, or a rapid antigen test.
    • The participant bears all risks in connection to the provisions imposed aiming at controlling the coronavirus spreading, to be limited in participating at the event venue by the Green Certificate, and/or certified tests that provides a QR code. The Organizer shall fully comply with the legal provisions implemented in the territory of Romania within the period of the event, and reserves the right to receive, or not, participants under these conditions.
    • Postponement, or cancellation of the event, as a result of restrictions aimed at controlling the coronavirus epidemics, automatically entails several provisions. For more details concerning the postponement, or cancellation of the event, please see the relevant section of these T&C.
    • The Organizer is entitled to make minor adjustments in the program or distribution of attendants in the venue, if the health regulations ask for limited attendant per room,
    • If any new restrictions are imposed, decreasing the capacity of the hall where the event is to take place (in percentages ranging between 30 and 75% of the overall capacity of the hall), the Organizer reserves the right to distribute the attendants by times, days, and areas of interest.
    • The Organizer shall not be held responsible, in case of COVID-19 measures imposed in the territory of Romania, for any travelling and/or accommodation costs paid by the attendants in advance, and the attendants shall bear the risk for any such case. Consequently, the Organizer recommends that attendants purchase trip cancellation insurance.
    • The attendants bear all risk in connection with any new restrictions imposed for controlling the spread of coronavirus, such as quarantine upon leaving and returning to the country.
    • If the health regulations require it, the Organizer may ask for random or general testing of attendees for Covid-19. Testing positive or not allowing the test to be performed will exclude the attendant from the conference with no refund option.
    • We want to have a secure and positive environment during the Proceedings of 3ECEES. Therefore, the Organizer has the right to exclude from the event any person behaving in a way which is not fit for a scientific conference.

8. Final Provisions

    • User agrees with the conditions laid down in these T&C. The user may not amend these T&C in any way, and may not impose their own conditions on the Organizer.
    • The attendant shall abide by the conditions imposed by means of these T&C, even if they have paid the online or on-site registration fee, upon entering the event venue, irrespective of the day when it takes place.
    • The content of the Website is owned by 360 Revolution S.R.L., and any reproduction hereof is strictly prohibited.
    • The Organizer is entitled to remove from the Website anyone infringing these T&C, with no prior notice.
    • The participants have to provide to the Organizer true and accurate information, whenever requested.