Analysis Case Studies in Evaluation, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of the Built Heritage

Rita Bento
Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

The conservation of the built heritage represents one of the main challenges for the future of construction in Europe and will acquire relevance in the world context. Efforts regarding retrofit, rehabilitation and reconstruction of damaged built cultural heritage have increasingly attracted attention in an effort to rescue or maintain cultural value.

Due to their complexity, the safety assessment and rehabilitation of cultural heritage buildings carry relevant challenges concerning structural engineering skills and the required structural analysis techniques. Misleading assumptions can lead either to unsafe assessments or serious capacity underestimations, thus implying excessive costs for rehabilitation and eventually avoidable usage limitations. 

The analysis of carefully chosen case studies provides helpful information that may be analogically applied in different contexts of assessment rehabilitation and reconstruction of historical buildings. In this context, various cases will be presented and discussed, aiming at providing information and helpful knowledge for application to other built heritage.