Predicting site response and related variability caused by shear-wave velocity small-scale heterogeneities using a non-stationary random field method

Geoazur Education & Outreach Team, University Côte d’Azur (OCA, CNRS, IRD), France

An educational program focusing on seismological activities for student training in geosciences and on raising citizen awareness of natural hazards has been active in France since 1995. Over this quarter century, different generations of students have learnt various lessons concerning sensor installation, data recording and analysis.

Since 2017, University Côte d’Azur has taken over with the program called Educational Mediterranean Observatory. EDUMED-Obs web interface offers a range of data, tools and training resources for secondary schools and university students on seismology and seismic risk.

We present here all these resources proposed by EDUMED Observatory, and we will show how they allow an innovative and motivating approach to teaching seismology. We describe the necessary and sustainable relations between teachers and researchers over time. Combining students’ motivation, teachers’ experience and researchers’ expertise results in a very popular project in the Mediterranean area.