New insights on the seismic exposure and vulnerability of structures in Romania

Florin Pavel
Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest, Romania

The National Strategy for Seismic Risk Reduction of Romania will propose a three-level approach for seismic risk assessment of buildings. The first level of the approach is represented by regional and local seismic risk maps. In this regard, the seismic exposure and vulnerability are critical aspects for the evaluation of seismic risk. Romania, which is one of the countries with the highest level of seismic hazard in Europe, has undergone significant changes from the point of view of seismic design regulations in 1940, 1977 and 1992. This research further enhances the level of knowledge on seismic exposure and vulnerability of buildings and structures in Romania by analysing both the design regulations and the construction practice, as well.  The study focuses on residential and industrial buildings, as well as on special structures (e.g. silos, chimneys) used for various purposes. The main observations of the study will provide a basis for the development of a national seismic exposure model.