Towards Developing and Implementing an International Macroseismic Scale (IMS) for Earthquake Engineering, Earthquake Science, and Rapid Damage Assessment

David J. Wald
Vince Quitoriano, Tatiana Goded, Ayse Hortacsu, Robin Spence, and Valerio de Rubeis Geophysicist, U.S. Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center, Golden, USA

Continued gains in the macroseismic field await revisiting traditional macroseismic scales in the modern context and standardizing internet-based collection strategies. Whereas a complete catalog of ongoing challenges is beyond the scope of this short note, we describe several concerns and suggest some opportunities to address them. Specifically, we report on (1) the challenge of non-expert internet respondents assigning what could be considered indeterminate higher intensities; (2) efforts to add uncertainty assignments to macroseismic datasets and individual assignments for quantitative uses; and (3) harmonizing MMI with EMS-98, as a further step toward developing an International Macroseismic Scale.