Predicting site response and related variability caused by shear-wave velocity small-scale heterogeneities using a non-stationary random field method

Cornou Cécile
University of Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble, France

Short abstract: Accounting for vertical heterogeneities in shear-wave velocity profiles is important for seismic response prediction at high frequency at geotechnical and sedimentary valley scales and for site-specific probabilistic hazard assessment. We propose a shear wave velocity randomization approach to propagate Vs vertical small-scale heterogeneities into suites of Vs profiles within a non-stationary probabilistic framework. This approach is shown to be successful in reproducing most of the seismic site response variability at high frequency (> 3 Hz) at Treasure Island (California, USA) and outlines that small-scale Vs heteogeneities in each sediment layers contribute equally to the overall site response variability.