Seismic design and evaluation of industrial facilities

Christoph Butenweg
Center of Wind and Earthquake Engineering, RWTH Aachen, Germany

This theme lecture presents the seismic design of industrial facilities according to the next generation of Eurocode 8 and the evaluation of facilities based on digital building models and structural monitoring data.

  • General introduction: Seismic behaviour of industrial facilities
    • Typical damages to industrial facilities in past earthquakes
    • Overview: Seismic design codes and guidelines
  • Seismic design of ancillary elements
    • Results and findings of the SERA-project SPIF
    • Modelling and design approaches in EN 1998-4-Draft-2021
  • Seismic design of tank structures
    • Theory, analysis and design approaches
      • Rigid/flexible/convective pressure components
      • Time history analysis versus response-spectrum analysis
      • Anchored and unanchored tanks with uplift
      • Damping effects
      • Superposition rules for pressure components
    • Introduction of new design approaches in EN 1998-4-Draft-2021
  • Digital building models and structural monitoring
    • Digital plant models (BIM)
    • Integration of smart sensor systems in BIM
    • Integrated monitoring approach
    • Post-earthquake Damage evaluation

Presentation of a case study