GMPEs for Romania’s Vrancea intermediate depth seismic source

Alexandru Aldea
Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest, Romania

The strong earthquakes from Romania’s Vrancea intermediate depth seismic source were felt on large areas in Europe (Bulgaria, Republic of Moldova, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine, Republic of North Macedonia etc.) and have also induced significant damage and human losses in neighbouring countries. Vrancea source is a major contributor to the seismic hazard of Romania, Republic of Moldavia, Bulgaria, and Southern Ukraine. As a fundamental component of the seismic hazard assessment in the region, Vrancea specific GMPEs have been of high interest for local and international researchers. The contribution will present an overview of the almost 30 years of history of GMPEs developed for Vrancea seismic source, in relation to the available seismic events database, ground motion records database and soil categories, from the early relations predicting peak ground accelerations to the modern relations predicting spectral accelerations and spectral displacements.