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The computer Mouse as we know it is a simple piece of technology that continues to revolutionize the way we use our computers. When it comes to speed and precision, nothing beats navigating menus and apps with a mouse and keyboard – I’ll take it over a track pad or a gamepad any day of the week. Whether you’re working, studying, or playing games, the mouse is the preferred tool when interfacing with your favorite apps and programs.

There are ergonomic mice designed for maximum productivity, and there are gaming mice built from the ground up for speed, performance, and precision. Some mice have three buttons, others have a dozen, and others still have buttons that number somewhere in between. While different kinds of mice often serve a variety of purposes, specialized mice often come with blown up price tags where you’re paying a lot more for marketing than you are for the actual product.

Buying Budget Gaming Mouse

If you hate the thought of paying extra for a product that costs so little to make, but still want high-quality products above all else, consider checking out Aliexpress. Known for their cheap but well-performing tech products, Aliexpress is one of the most successful global marketplaces where people can find the best deals on the latest Chi-Fi. If you want to find a mouse that works well and costs cheap, Aliexpress is going to be your best bet.

We’ve taken the liberty of curating this list of the best computer mice available on AliExpress, so that no matter your need or your budget – whether you’re looking for the cheapest replacement mouse can get your hands on, or you want a good deal on a high-end mouse for work or for gaming – we hope you find what you need right here in this guide on the best Aliexpress mouse.

Best GamingMouse You Can Buy On AliExpress

HAVIT Wired Gaming Mouse

The Value Champion

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top gaming mouse aliexpress

HAVIT’s been around for a long time, and as one of the pioneers of Chinese Hi-Fi as we know it today, they’ve come up with the some of the best budget-oriented tech products to come out of China in recent years. Although they’re into all kinds of products, HAVIT specializes in affordable, effective tech like their line of all-purpose mice. If you’re looking for a moue that will suit any kind of activity – whether its work or play – check out the HAVIT Wired Gaming Mouse – our pick for the Value Champion among the ones available on Aliexpress.

Featuring subtle designs and sleek countours, the HAVIT Wired Gaming Mouse is a gaming mouse that’s just as comfortable on your gaming desk as it is on your office workspace or study area. Design-wise, the HAVIT Wired Gaming Mouse isn’t too loud or edgy – and its lighting implements don’t scream “gamer” like other budget-oriented high-performance computer mice in this price range.

In terms of ergonomics, the HAVIT Wired Gaming Mouse has a great selection of features. It has adjustable DPI settings up to 2800 DPI so you can easily customize your mouse sensitivity to the degree youre most comfortable with. With 6 mouse buttons, you’ll be able to use the HAVIT Wired Gaming Mouse to access all kinds of shortcuts, macros, and commands, giving you a productivity boost for work or study, or giving you a competitive edge on the stage of professional gaming.

The HAVIT Wired Gaming Mouse normally retails for around $25, but thanks to the deals and discounts available on Aliexpress, you can get yours now for just $8.06, making this mouse the ultimate choice if you’re looking for that price-to-performance sweet spot.

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iMice X6 RGB Mouse

Best Budget Mouse For All Purposes

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best budget gaming mouse

Despite it’s rather loud, typicaly gamer-centric design language, the iMice X6 RGB Mouse is one of most versatile computer mice you can buy online. Available in Standard X6 and Professional X6, this mouse is worth a look – especially if you want a mouse that works for every occasion. Whether it’s for long all-nighters spent clicking away at reports, worksheets, and data sources that calls for comfort and ergonomics, or for intense, fast-paced gameplay that requires smoothness and precision.

Whether you opt for the Standard X6 or the Professional X6, you’ll be getting a great mouse for both work and gaming. With six mouse buttons that can be assigned to various macros and commands for instant actions in-game or improved creativity when working on documents and spreadsheets.

The Normal version comes with a 7-color breathing effect while the Professional version can be customized to produce any color in the RGB spectrum, with multiple effects to boot. With the Normal X6, you can adjust the DPI to four different settings – 800, 1200, 2400, and 3200, while the Professional X6 has six different DPI settings: 800, 1200, 2400, 3200, 4800, and 6400 DPI, for a smoother, more customizable performance.

The iMice X6 RGB Mouse also comes with a plethora of features and functionalities. Both available versions have two working modes, but only the Professional X6 has Customizable Macro buttons.

Overall, the iMice X6 RGB Mouse offers a lot of value for its low-budget price tag. Above average build quality and the addition of a lot of high end features makes this mouse a consistent contender for the best-selling mouse Aliexpress, especially when you can get all that.

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Logitech 2nd Gen G102 Lightsync RGB

Best Wired Gaming Mouse

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gaming mouse review aliexpress

Logitech is the king of affordable, high-quality tech and the G102 Lightsync RGB Mouse is a testament to that. Designed for gaming professionals and enthusiasts alike, the G102 Lightsync is a great value mouse that comes with the Logitech guarantee of quality.

One of the best things about the Logitech G102 Lightsync is its patented mechanical button tension system, which makes every click feel crisp and responsive. Gamers around the world prize mechanical keyboards for their smooth, professional-grade responsiveness that adds punch and weight to every keystroke. Similarly, the G102 Lightsync RGB Mouse’s mechanical buttons give the same kind of feel that gamers, creatives, and professionals look for when they’re performing their respective activities.

Despite its mechanical innovations, the G102 Lightsync RGB is also up to date on the latest trends in gaming peripherals. Capable of producing lights and colors using the full RGB spectrum (over 16 million colors!) and improved upon by LIGHTSYNC technology to help you light up your work/gaming station exactly the way you want, the G102 Lightsync RGB also connects seamlessly to the Logitech G Hub, a top-notch gaming software that lets you do customize and control everything from lighting, mouse sensitivity, and button commands.

The G102 Lightsync RGB Gaming Mouse from Logitech boasts the classic six-button design that offers maximum comfort and optimal performance for most games and tasks. Unlike lower-end gaming mice, this one has fully customizable macro buttons that even allows in-game command mapping to give you an edge over the competition in terms of control, especially with its five DPI settings ranging from 200 to 8000.

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Redragon Shark M688 Gaming Mouse

Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

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gaming mouse aliexpress best deal

Redragon may be one of the lowest-price gaming peripheral manufacturers you’ve ever seen, with their product lineup consisting of headphones, mice, keyboards, and more, all available incredibly low prices. The Redragon Shark M688 is the latest and greatest gaming mouse to come from the Redragon product line, and despite its budget to mid-range pricing, it manages to be one of the best high-performance gaming mice you can get your hands on today.

Honestly, Redragon feels like playing games with some quality of life cheats turned on. While its build quality and mechanical feel isn’t the best, the Redragon Shark M688 continues to be a perennial favorite among gamers because of its customizable macro buttons that can be used on just about any game. Even the most complicated multi-button combos like in popular mobas like League of Legends and DotA 2 can be pulled off effortlessly thanks to the flexibility of this mouse’s programmable buttons. It even has a rapid fire button fo the high-speed executions.

The Redragon Shark M688 features a not-so-subtle black and red gamer design and comes with five DPI settings ranging from 500 to 5000 DPI.

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Are Mice From AliExpress Good?

‘Made in China’ might rub some people the wrong way – especially when it comes to tech – as the Chinese market has been notorious for cheap, low-quality products that were simply inferior to what was readily available elsewhere. But that’s no longer the case. Enter the new era of Chi-Fi – Chinese High Fidelity products that take the best parts of existing technology and reproduce it cheaply and effectively. Aliexpress is the global marketplace that connects people from around the world with the latest affordable and cost-effective products from China.

If you’re still worried about the standards of quality on Aliexpress, you’ll be happy to know that they also have one of the best Buyer Protection policies among the many global online marketplaces, so any returns, damaged goods, cancellations, and seller disputes are resolved easily, and usually favors buyers like you and me.


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