Fake Golden Goose Sneakers 2021 – Where to buy?

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Golden Goose sneakers are exceedingly popular for their vintage style and design. The sneakers have such a huge demand that the Italian brand has become one of the leading brands. An original Golden Goose sneaker will lighten your pockets considerably, which is not happily welcomed by everybody. However, fret not for you can find excellent quality fake Golden Goose sneakers at a very affordable price.

When looking for the best fake Golden Goose sneakers, nothing is better than AliExpress and DHGate. These eCommerce giants have some of the highest quality Golden Goose sneakers that you can get at dirt cheap prices.

Are you looking to buy the best fake Golden Goose sneakers on AliExpress and DHGate? Look no further. This guide will bring you some of the best finds that are not heavy on your pockets. When you can get a replica that is so similar to the original, why do you want to spend more?

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Top Golden Goose Dupes

Let us look at the best fake Golden Goose sneakers for you!

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Mid Star High Top Sneakers

This is one of the most comfortable pairs of fake Golden Goose sneakers that you can find. The sneakers are designed in a way that you can run around the whole day without feeling the strain on your feet.

fake golden goose sneakers aliexpress

The soles of the shoes are made using high-quality rubber, which is soft and durable. The rubber soles make the sneakers last for a long time. The vamp is made of breathable material. Thanks to this, you can wear sneakers even during the sweltering hot months.

The distressing work on the sneakers looks natural and adds to the beauty of the sneakers.

You can get the sneakers here.

Superstar Sneakers

Superstar sneakers are one of the most iconic styles of Golden Goose. The sneakers are an essential model that has defined elegance with its casual and classic design. And it is not just that, it has an extremely contemporary design that makes it so desirable. There are several color variants available.

However, the original pair can rip you off your hard-earned money. But there’s nothing to worry about. The fake superstar sneakers are just as good, both in terms of design and quality.

fake golden goose sneakers dhgate

The soles of the shoes are made using high-quality rubber that makes the sneakers durable and long-lasting. The breathable vamp of the sneakers makes it a great choice even for those hot summer months. The natural-looking distressing work on the fake sneakers adds to the vintage-style that the sneakers are going for.

The casual sneakers look great with your casual wear. You can even team them up with your dresses to create a wonderful look.

You can get the superstar sneakers here.

Leopard Print Sneakers

The leopard print fake Golden Goose sneakers deviate from the original pair considerably, however, they are just as comfortable and good looking. The sneaker is a copy of one of the most iconic Golden Goose sneakers – the Superstar Sneakers. The model is enhanced with animal print, which is all the rage in the fashion industry. The theme of animal print is also a recurring theme in the world of Golden Goose sneakers.

golden goose leopard dupe

The leopard sneakers with a hint of gold look great for a Sunday brunch with friends and family. Do you have errands to run? Fret not! These sneakers will be your best buddy then.

You can get the leopard print sneakers here.

High Top Sneakers

The high top sneakers add a glam touch to your outfit. The rustic details along with the high top make these sneakers your perfect sport shoes. You can wear these sneakers to complete your high-street style look or go skateboarding with your friends. The comfort of these sneakers is unmatchable and you will be able to stay on your feet for the entire day without any aches.

golden goose sneakers copy

The sneakers are comfortable with soles that are made from high-quality rubber. The sneakers are durable and will last you a long time without burning a hole in your pocket. If you love high-top sneakers to go through your day, you will love this one.

You can get it here.

Mid Star Sneakers

The mid-star range is suitable for every occasion, whether you want to wear these sneakers for the daytime or for more exclusive outings. The mid-stars give the sneakers a whole new meaning. They look cool and go well with jeans as well as shorts. The mid-star sneakers are an epitome of elegance. It was designed by drawing inspiration from English-style shoes.

aliexpress golden goose sneakers review

The fake mid-star looks just as good as the original pair. Even the quality is absolutely brilliant. The distress work that has been done on the fake pair looks just like the one in the original. It gives the sneakers a vintage and rustic feel.

You can get the mid star sneakers here.

DHGate Golden Goose

Most of the best fake Golden Goose sneakers that you can find on DHGate. Aliexpress has purge all its sellers since 2019. These sneakers are just as good as the originals and the best part about buying the replicas is that you get good-quality sneakers without paying a bomb for it.

Now that you have found the best quality fake Golden Goose sneakers, let us look at what makes the replicas different from the originals.

What are sneaker dupes?

Replicas are imitation sneakers; they are designed in a way that they look and feel extremely similar to the original product. The manufacturers of replicas do not add logos the same way as in the original in most cases; they usually modify it a bit.

You can usually differentiate between an original and a fake with your naked eyes. Some of the details are hard to miss. You can give it a glance and realize that the quality does not look premium. The stitching, logo, and the tongue of the sneakers are some of the sure-shot ways to know that you have a fake.

However, not everyone can tell the fake from an original. Also, manufacturers, these days make sure that the replica replicates the original to a vast extent. You do not have to worry about somebody finding out you are wearing fakes.

Where can you buy fake Golden Goose sneakers?

There are numerous online websites where you can find the fake Golden Goose sneakers, however, if you are looking for the best quality sneakers, there are no better websites than AliExpress and DHGate.

These websites manage the sellers and resolve disputes that you may have. Also, making payments on these websites are easy and safe.

You do not have to worry about losing your money and not receiving your sneakers. On these platforms, you will be able to find good-quality Golden Goose sneakers at a good price.

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How to make sure you are buying the best fake sneakers?

If you are considering buying the best fake Golden Goose shoes on AliExpress or DHGate, you need to consider the following –

The seller you are buying from must be a reputed one. You must check out for the feedback left by other customers and see the rating that the seller has.

The seller you have chosen should have a good positive rating, which speaks for the seller’s authenticity. When you check out all these things, you can easily find good quality Golden Goose replica sneakers at a very low price.

How to spot fake Golden Goose shoes?

You must check out these points if you are trying to tell a fake from original Golden Goose sneakers –


The first thing that is a huge giveaway is the price. The vintage style Golden Goose shoes do not come cheap. The Italian brand is extremely popular, which means that the sneakers are going to be priced very high; you need to pay quite a bit to get the original sneakers. So, if you find sneakers at unbelievable prices, know that it is probably not an original.

When the manufacturers of fake Golden Goose sneakers make these sneakers, they tweak with the logo a bit because they do not want to pass off the sneakers as an original. Some manufacturers do not add the logo at all, and if they do, they always modify it a little.

The Stitching

Check the stitching on the corner of the toe box. The fake Golden Goose sneakers will have fewer stitches than the original pair. Then, check out the stitching on the rear part of the shoes. You will notice that the stitching on the rear side has fewer stitches too as compared to the original pair. The stitching on the rear side is much more visible to the eye.

The same stitching problem can be seen on the side of the sneakers. The arching and the curve of the stitching differ from the stitching in the original pair.

The Distressing

The legit pair of sneakers have distressing that looks more natural. However, the distressing on the fake Golden Goose sneakers look more hand-made than natural.

The Insoles

Another thing that can let you differentiate between an original and a fake is the insoles of the sneakers. The text in the insoles of the fake Golden Goose sneakers is larger than in the insoles of a legit pair.

There is no harm in getting Golden Goose sneakers dupes!

These were all the details to help you get the best fake Golden Goose sneakers online. With all this knowledge, you do not have to worry about being duped.


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